• The Appeal of Handmade Earrings - Handmade earrings can be as simple as a single bead attached to a wire or they can be as complex as multiple tiny beads and wires intertwined to form extravagant pieces of art. The look of the earrings depends mostly on the style of the individual artist.
  • Druzy Sparkle Collection Available!!! - Druzy Sparkle Collection Available!!! Fall in love with the gorgeous Druzy Sparkle Collection!!!  Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Photographs of the EXACT necklace you will receive are in the photo gallery for each necklace listing. Many colors available including purple, blue, green, gray, white and orange. Silver trim pendants offer an 18″ sterling silver (.925) necklace…
  • Giveaway ending January 31st - Giveaway ending January 31st IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME AGAIN!  This is the 1st giveaway of 2017!  I am giving away a pair of handmade HILL TRIBE SILVER HEART shaped earrings!  Perfect for Valentine’s Day xoxo For your chance to win,  all you have to do is enter through my automatic Facebook raffle app! That’s all! ~…
  • Coming Soon! - Coming Soon! Watch for our brand new Christmas collection coming this November.

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