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We are thrilled that everyone who wears our jewelry knows they are getting an authentic Black Brook Shop piece worthy of a fashion model.

Before I created Black Brook Shop, I shopped several on-line stores and saw a lot of made-to-order jewelry that was poor quality and would take a week or more to create and ship.

Then one day I was searching to find the perfect bracelet for a friend who was celebrating a milestone birthday.  I struggled to find a quality piece that was ready to ship.  That’s when I vowed to make quality jewelry for women who shouldn’t have to wait.

I was concerned that the price point of the jewelry, because of the cost of maintaining an inventory of quality materials to be ready to ship, might turn off women shoppers.

But then, after several repeat buyers began placing additional orders, I realized that I was on the right path after all.

I set out to create the most quality based, single source jewelry collection for the most fabulous free-spirited women of the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Suppliers of the quality materials were difficult to find and they didn’t want to negotiate on price so I could offer the pieces at a price point that was agreeable.

Buyers questioned the quality of the pieces at the higher price point and whether their purchases would be shipped out right away.

Because of this I started offering my jewelry collections with a discount and sponsoring giveaways.  This finally started opening doors into more and more groups and word was getting around about the quality and quick shipping of our pieces.

My life changed when I left my full-time job a year ago for medical reasons.  The doctor said the stress of the corporate world was raising my blood pressure and causing me anxiety.  I knew at that point I needed to make a change.  Even though I knew there was no returning to the corporate world, I knew I had to keep designing jewelry collections for women desiring quality and convenience.

Through it all, we released our first “official” product lines and the response has been astounding.  We are now focusing full-time on expanding and growing throughout the United Stated and internationally.

The best part? I am in love with my work and following my passion.  The medical issues are resolved and I feel fabulous.